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Every football fan has a unique story

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Capture Moments is a product made to improve stadium experience during a football match for a local football club in Belgium called Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht.

The idea:

Capture Moments gives every fan a unique story. Various cameras are installed and connected to the stadium via your location; seat. The cameras are recording everything during that match. In this way, Capture Moments can create surprisingly, exciting responses of the supporters in the stadium. Capture Moments aims to be the Instagram for football.

The infographic about RSCA

To get to know the club better, we first had to do some research into the club and the target group (the supporters), stadium activities, achievements, etc. All this information is put together in an infographic.

infographic picture

The features

Better stadium experience: - You never miss out on your (friends) exciting moments or emotions: - you can always revisit the moments later. - When you go to the stadium with a group of friends, there is no hassle with a selfiestick when you want to take a picture and no one needs to hold a device. Go and check out the application, prototype. It works pretty straight forward. You can find it in the section where the phone is, just click on it.

The Application - Prototype

The website

website graphic

Marketing: Flyer and visualizing the concept

concept graphic concept graphic concept graphic concept graphic