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The idea

Capture Moments gives each fan their own story. Various cameras are installed and used in the stadium that are recording every second of the audience. In this way, Capture Moments can create surprisingly, exciting responses of the supporters in the stadium.

The idea is to request your pictures or captured moments after the match. For example: the winning goal of RSC Anderlecht against Charleroi in the cup finals. You can also save them on your mobile right away. The pictures are high quality and you have the option to order a printed picture (A4, A3) of your chosen moment.

How it works


Check-in & choose settings

Choose a match. Select your place by adding your platform, row and seat number.


Select your moment

After you have inserted your settings. You will have mulitple photos depending on your options. Choose your best moment..


Save your moment

All you have to do now is save your moment. You can also choose to order your moment and get it delivered at your home adress.

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STEP 1: Check-in & choose seat

Choose your match. You can choose between the live match or the previous matches if you were in the stadium at that date. Select your place by adding your platform, row and seat number. One of the cameras connected to your platform is now capturing you and taking photos.

STEP 2: Select your moment and save it.

Now you have to insert your settings, you will have mulitple photos and various moments depending on your options. Choose your best moment and click on the add button to save that moment. You will get a few more saving options, like chosing a title, description, download it on your phone, save to album,..

STEP 3: Order and buy your moments

After you have succesfully saved that moment, you can either go back or choose to order and buy that moment right away if you want. You can get that option later aswell if you click on the chosen moment or photo that you wish to buy in the album section. That means that you get your moment professional printed in any format of your choice. When you have placed the order, all you have left to do is to pay for it at the ticket window of the stadium. It will get delivered at your home adress in a few days.

Wanna try it out yourself?

Download app right away

Are you a fan of RSCA and do you want a better stadium experience? You never miss out on your (friends) exciting moments or emotions: you can always revisit the moments later. When you go to the stadium with a group of friends, there is no hassle with a selfiestick when you want to take a picture and no one needs to hold a device.

Go ahead and download the Capture Moment app., it’s free on the App Store or Play Store so go ahead and get started with creating your own moments!

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